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A lot of advice on how to get that first big job is dated and doesn’t size up against the changing job market today. This is why we need a change on how to approach the start to our careers. 

While there is no guarantee that this podcast alone will help you find your big break, we CAN offer a platform FOR students and recent grads, BY students and recent grads — and the whole idea is that together we will help you stay on top of trends to give you the best chance to break into ANY industry with the best resources from those who are figuring things out, just like you, who might have a way to kickstart your career. Forget about clickbait headlines. We are here for the TRUTH. 

We recently went through it too: School is HARD. Finding the perfect internship is HARD. Navigating the transition into your parents idea of adulting is HARD. We might not understand how everything adds up to the future, or know what's out there (and be right choice) for you. One step at a time: we are kicking off with a how to find a job.
So if you are interested in creative, advertising, publishing, media, data, startups, tech... WE ARE HERE TO HELP!​​​​​​

For the May 2019 brief with Oscar Gierup, we are "The Professional Sh*t," as part of the Young Sh*ts competition... Sorry for the cursing, but its a super cool competition where monthly you can solve problems creatively and get recommend for a job! ​​​​​​​
Need help finding a job? We are here to help!
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